Sending Thanks was born from a desire to bring a little more happiness into the world.


 When our loved ones are down or unwell the desire to want to help can be overwhelming and often feels frustrating.  Likewise, when companies want to show their appreciation to lovely customers or dedicated staff, how can they do so in a meaningful, environmentally-conscious way?

We are not saying our products cure for anything, but they might be the start of an upward journey.  The knowledge that someone cares, a gentle reminder that self-care is essential and the goodness these goodies offer, can all help improve your mood and bring out the smiles.

Studying Yoga, Mindfulness, Kinesiology and Life Coaching has shown me that the smallest change, new routine, having good sleep pattern or simply taking time to pause, can be life-changing (you can read my story below).  And that tiny change is what I want my products to bring.

Making the goods

Where-ever we can, we make our own products. It is not that there aren't good alternatives out there, we are just ridiculously fussy and want to be sure everything is natural and responsibly sourced. We make candles in micro-batches, measuring the perfect balance of essentials oils to create not only a delicious aroma but using aromatherapy to invoke the power of the plants whether it be uplifting, relaxing of a big hug.

Our Gifts boxes are put together in-house, and for the larger orders, we raise the Mum army.  When we had little ones, we dreamed of a job where we could work from home, choose hours that fitted around the children, so when it was time to get more hands-on-deck, I knew just where to look.

Our team believes in the benefits of these boxes as much as I do and puts each one together with genuine care and love - I truly believe this good intention radiates from our products!

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Sophie's Story

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Having had a slightly unconventional upbringing; a Steiner education, parents who are alternative therapists, having my children fairly early, I suppose it was inevitable I would end up doing something unusual. Still, it has taken me a fair few years to find what I was put on this earth to do!

I had been running businesses since I was 20 and gained a lot of experience, but by the time I reached my mid-thirties, I burnt out.  I never stopped long enough to catch up with myself and forgot how to pause, let alone relax!  

In true gung-ho fashion, I signed up for a Yoga Teacher Training course and then I was suddenly a yoga teacher. It was better, but somehow still drained my energy, so I went and trained as a Thai Massage Therapist, then children's yoga teacher, then in mindfulness and then I stopped. I had found a way even to make yoga, massage and mindfulness draining!  


So I put everything on pause.  I went back to the books, did a lot of reading and life-coaching caught my eye.  Can you guess what I did next?  Yup, an intensive course to practice Life coaching.

It helped me come up with a programme to increase happiness levels incorporating all that I had learned, and made gift boxes to go with it, (similar to what I have on offer here), but here lies the problem:  Those who need this the most, don't know they need it.  They don't have the time, the money, the energy or any of the other opportunities to find that moment to change.

So, what if you could give someone that?  We all have people in our lives that we would love to help, but that isn't always easy - especially at the moment when we are often far too isolated. So I created these beautiful gifts, with self-care exercises all wrapped up in a post-able box.

The contents serve as a reminder of how important and what a difference a little self-care can make. They offer an opportunity to learn to do things a little differently, incorporating a touch of mindfulness, a little pampering and a nudge towards a more content and less stressful path. Designed to make the recipient feel nurtured and cared for, even if you can't be there in person.  

And that is how I found my raison d'etre - and I hope, with your help, my work can reach the people who need it and together we can bring more happiness into the world!