Each of our boxes is filled with natural goodies that will inspire wellness, but which one is right for you?

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This little box is the perfect "Thank you"!

Perfect to fit through the letterbox, perfect to inspire a moment of calmness and perfect for those looking for a little ethical gift.


Our Thank You boxes can also be ordered in quantities, personalised to be used as corporate gifts to staff or customers, wedding favours or giveaways!  We would love to hear from you if you would like to share your ideas.

Sending Thanks Box
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Throughout our lives, we go through times when getting a good nights sleep eludes us and our Sweet Dreams box is designed to remedy that.


This is the perfect gift for someone who is going through stress, suffering from insomnia or could do with a gentle reminder that they are important and deserve a little me-time.

Sweet Dreams Box
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Sending Hugs Box


When our loved ones are down or unwell, we would do anything to help, but all too often we can't.  Our Sending Thanks Boxes are designed for that very reason.


We are not saying the contents of these boxes is a cure for anything, but they might be the start of an upward journey.  The knowledge that someone cares, a gentle reminder that self-care is essential and the goodness these goodies offer, can help that first step towards wellbeing.

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