Welcome to our Happiness Programme

Recycled Paper

It is ok not to be ok.....

but it is also ok to decide you want to do things differently.

Just by being here, you have already made a significant step forward, and by joining our programme, you will learn in easy to follow steps how to carve time for self-care, kindness, and enjoying the moment.

It is not rocket science, and you might well already know everything I have to say, but by putting it all together and creating new routines, you can change how you feel immeasurably.

For 28 days, each weekday morning, we will post a new blog post on our website.  If you sign up, you will receive a daily email with a direct link and be able to join in the online discussions. Most of these will only take a few minutes, some are longer, but you will have weekends to catch up if you fall behind. This programme is designed for busy lives and you will be able to fit it in. In fact, you should find yourself with more time and energy than before.  By taking time for some nourishing moments, you will feel less frazzled and more productive. 

Each task is different and will be enjoyable and rewarding. Slowly introducing you to mindfulness, mediation, creating space in your life, yoga and a more positive outlook. You will not be expected to suddenly meditate for hours or perform extreme yoga positions but be given an easy to understand explanation on why this will help and simple directions to follow. By regularly working on these tasks, you will begin to form new habits and new ways of thinking that will forge pathways in your brain to change how you process information. It really will change your life.

Image by Justin Casey