Busy Doing Nothing

For the first summer ever, I didn’t really do much work. I cut back on everything, reduced costs and stuff to the minimum and nothing happened. The sky didn’t fall in, we didn’t go without and even went away. Ok, so for a few weeks before the holidays started I panic applied for jobs but that was a waste of time and a lesson learned, so instead of filling today with to-do lists with an over-inflated sense of importance, and errands that are not as critical as I make them, I am going to do a bit of writing, pottering and making my home nice.

The morning started well, I woke up well before the alarm and so had time to do a guided meditation - I have got into these recently, as long as I can find one on Spotify without a pseudo-calming voice that drives me nuts - sort of counterintuitive! Uniforms and lunchboxes were all where they had been left and the glorious new packet of socks meant instant pairs. The sun shone as Poppy and I walked across the fields and through the woods and we chatted about the new children joining and the ones who left over the summer. For a moment I was the mother I’d imagined I would be, all Birkenstock sandals and summer dresses with all the time in the world.

Things came back down to earth a little as I was greeted with a front garden full of furniture. The house is in the process of being decluttered, some stuff made its way to the afternoon car boot sale even we could get up in time for (even if we were the last ones there), and some is awaiting collection on Freecycle. It is amazing how when you start clearing out, it motivates others in the house to follow suit. The potential of 50p sales got the girls to clear their rooms of unloved merchandise although some new must-haves came home with us.

Still, all that can wait. It does not need any more importance, I do not need to get my self-worth from being overly busy and I strive to take pride the next time some asks me what I am up to, and I can say, “not much, maybe a bit of writing.”

I very much hope you enjoy your day and find a moment to pause. I wrote a mindful exercise a while ago and if you find yourself struggling with slowing down, you are welcome to give it a go. Find yourself your favourite herbal tea. Pour freshly boiled water over the bag or infuser and leave to steep for at least 5 mins. While you are waiting for your Tea to be ready, sit down somewhere comfy and watch the bag look at how the water causes the herbs to swell, breathe in the aroma and notice how the water's colour begins to change.

Keep concentrating on the mug, feel the warmth in your hands as you wrap them around the cup and continue with nice deep, even breaths. Keep watching the change in the tea and how the aroma develops, the scent alone can help you relax. Take your time with relaxed breaths, consider the benefits this Tea will bring to your body and mental wellbeing before finally taking your first sip.

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