Day 2: Happy Dreams

This task is to be completed in the evening, just before going to sleep, so enjoy your day and follow the link when you are tucked up and ready for bed….

Then write down:

1: Your winning moment of the day - Some achievement, some interaction you handled well, just one moment that deserves a pat on the back.

2: Three things that you are grateful for and make: your children/family, fantastic friends, your home, your car, your health, the sun shining on you, the place you live…. whatever it is, please write it down and really take in how it makes you feel. This might feel a little unnatural to start with but trust me it is a process that can bring great contentment.

3: Lastly, one goal you wish to achieve the next day. This is not an opportunity to compile a massive to-do list, just one thing, however small that is manageable for you to complete tomorrow.

This routine will be something that you complete every evening. Going to bed feeling good about things is an excellent way to wake up positive about the day ahead, but it is more sciency than that. Feeling good about past achievements releases Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood and sleep-wake cycles.

I am oversimplifying, (and I welcome you doing more research on this, it is fascinating, but we do come back to it later) so for now, trust me. Leave the book by your bed and on waking read through last night's input and think about how you will achieve your daily goal.

Sweet dreams you lovelies and see you tomorrow! xxx

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