Day 5: Cupboard Chaos?

So the weekend brings a break from school runs, early mornings and with it searching for mislaid bits of uniforms or water bottles….. Just time to enjoy family life?

Sadly sometimes the weekend can feel like more work than the weekdays so let's look at making that a bit easier and start with dinner.....

Cooking for families is a challenge for your memory, timekeeping and creativity. Even if your children all eat everything, everyone is ready at the same time, and you have a fully stocked kitchen, a phone call at the wrong time can throw everything into chaos. So today we are going to see if we can make things a bit easier.

Start by clearing out your food cupboards. Get everything out, work out what is still in date, what you have doubled up on, and what will never be used. Donate what you don't want to the food bank anything usable and put everything back in a way that you can easily see what you've got.

Now work through the rest, plates, cutlery, get rid of Tupperware that doesn't have all the bits… Saucepans you never use, gifts of random gadgets that you have never put the batteries in and donate it all! Keep the things that make you happy, and you actually use.

Put it away with care and organisation, thinking about how often you use it and how easy it is to access.

On many occasions, I've sat everyone down and tried to come up with a weekly meal plan that everyone is happy with, but the list consisted of pizza and burgers! As much as I'd love all my children to eat everything, they don't and meal times are far too stressful if you spend the time forcing them to eat things they have decided they don't like. Cucumber, raw carrots, and sugar snap peas are a great way to get vitamins into little-ones so don't give yourself a hard time if you can't get them eating the exotic, but it is great if they try the new. On numerous occasions, I have read that getting them to help out in the preparation makes them more open to being brave and tasting, but that isn't always possible.

Bigger kids should be helping out… It can seem like it's not worth the effort with the mess they make, but making them responsible for clearing up can change that. Seeing where things go makes it so much easier, so maybe with your new organisation in place, it is an excellent opportunity to let them have a go…. Imagine what a difference it would be to have a break once in a while!

When it comes to restocking your kitchen, keep in mind that whatever you put in your body has a massive effect on how you feel, it is the fuel that your body runs on and the more goodness you put in, the more energy and vitality you will radiate. Getting enough healthy fats and minerals, drinking enough water and your daily dose of vitamins will physically show on your face, your hair and give you the boost to get moving and get in shape. Don't obsess, just be aware, find foods that are easy to prepare and taste good. Moving away from pre-made packaged meals is the surest way to do this. If you have the funds and access, a veggie box is a great way to get real ingredients, support local growers and reduce packaging…. A perfect way to start.

I'm sure you have access to a million recipes but here's one of my favourites to start with….

Homemade Houmous.


Can of cooked chickpeas - preferably without added salt, drained

Olive Oil

A teaspoon of tahini

Half a lemon

A clove of garlic

Salt and pepper

Add the drained chickpeas to a small mixing bowl and add the clove of garlic and the tahini.

Blend until all the big lumps are gone then taste. If the mixture is dry add a little more oil.

Add some lemon and taste again, if it needs more, go for it. Add a little salt and test again, then with the pepper. Keep going until you have the flavour you like. This is for you to enjoy so make yourself the best tasting humous you have ever encountered. Yum!

Wishing you a lovely weekend full of relaxing moments and snuggle times xxx See you Monday!

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