Having plants in your home can bring a wealth of benefits, not only do they add lush greeny interest to your space, but they can have been proven to relieve stress, clean the air and bring you closer to nature.

Keeping plants in the bedroom is very good idea, many studies have looked into the best plants to enhance your quality of sleep, and NASA went as far as recommending a few:

Aloe Vera is super easy to look after and prefer a bit of neglect than overwatering. It releases oxygen at night so aids a night of more restful sleep.

Spider plants are excellent air cleansers; they remove nasty chemicals released from household and decorating products and absorb odours and fumes from the air. These wonder plants are usually very inexpensive and look cute hanging in the currently fashionable Macrame and so not cluttering your surfaces.

Peace Lilies look calming and peaceful, but they have the hidden power of boosting the room's humidity by 5%. This might not sound like much, but it is enough to suppress airborne microbes, bringing on allergies and combatting the nighttime dry nose and throat problems, again promoting better sleep!

The bathroom can also benefit

Bringing greenery into the bathroom or ensuite can clean the air, eliminate odours and bring in a fresh feel, but not all plants will thrive in such conditions. Bathrooms often have limited natural light and high humidity from all the hot water, so maybe try one of these suggestions, perfectly posed on top of your cabinets:

Bamboo doesn't need much light to prosper and prefers indirect light. You can also grow it without any soil, but you will need to change the water every few weeks.

Ivy is another good one for bathrooms as it can grow in most conditions and can even remove faeces and mould from the air, (you may have read about what happens when you flush the toilet with the seat up- eek!) Ivy also looks great hanging from hooks or exposed pipes.

Lastly, a 'straight from a spa' orchid will love your bathroom's high humidity as it is similar to its natural environment. Just avoid direct sunlight where it can scorch the leaves.

Plants are a traditional housewarming present, with the sweet meaning of: "May your home always be filled with life." they make a lovely gift for other occasions. Lasting longer than cut flowers, they might inspire a new passion for growing. The simple act of tending to your plants can be an excellent mindful activity, and propagating is immensely rewarding.

Grow your Plant Family

The best plants for a newbie to start with are succulents, where the leaves can be used to propagate. Start by gently breaking off the entire leaf at the stem and then leaving to dry out for a couple of days. Encourage the leaf base to grow roots by keeping it close to, but not in contact with water. Once the roots are thick enough to move them without breaking, you can pot them in specialised soil.

Sometimes offshoot will grow next to the mother plant; these can be gently removed, with their roots and repotted in succulent compost. Before long, you have baby plants to spare, covering every cupboard top, cabinet and chest of drawers in sight! Truly a gift that keeps on giving!

We hope you share our love of bringing the natural world inside and whether you are a novice or green-fingered in your growing, we would love to see your produce.

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