Ready for Day Three?

I trust you are well-rested and enjoying your tasks to date. It would be great to get involved with the groups on Instagram or on the forum online. Don't worry that we are taking things slow, we still have 25 days together, and small changes to your routine can bring the most significant rewards. Tonight's task is a lovely and relaxing one, so get all your stuff done and come over when you are ready.

Have an early night! If you have a printer, it might be best to print this out!

When you've done everything you can for the day, and before you start watching tv or checking out social media, go and pour yourself a bath! Add a 1/4 of the bath salts and while the bath is running get your diary. Start by checking your achievement for the day, if you managed it - gold star for you! If not, don't give yourself a hard time, decide whether it is important to you and if it is, when you are going to do it.

Leave the book by your bed and take a piece of paper and a pen with you to leave by the bath. Light a candle and get into the water.

Now that you are in the water, lie back and listen to my words….

As you lie back think about your body, where there are areas of tension take a deep breath in and as you exhale imagine the area softening and letting go in the warm water. Keep going around your whole body, breathing deeply and letting all your muscles soften and relax. Focus on areas where the tension is stored such as your shoulders, temples and jaw and use the out-breath to let go. Breath in the aroma from the candle and see how that makes you feel. Feel the water on your skin how it supports and warms you.

Let your mind slow down and if any thoughts come in, let them go and bring your attention back to your breath. If you find your mind if fixed on any particular thought or can't let go, write it on the piece of paper to deal with later and repeat the process. This your time to relax, you need this in order to do the many things you have to deal with in your life so enjoy this time of calm and quiet.

When you get out of the bath, keep the feeling of peace and relaxation and put yourself to bed. Before you try to go to sleep, there are three simple yoga positions to try in bed all of which help get a good night's sleep.

First of all, is Child's pose:

On the bed, get onto all fours with your knees comfortably together and sit back onto your feet. Relax your head down onto the bed and reach your hands round towards your feet. If your hips or spine are too stiff for you to relax in this position put some pillows under your head or on your knees. Let your spine soften, shoulders relax and breath deeply. This position should be comfortable and comforting so use pillows wherever needed to ensure this happens.

Next is Butterfly pose:

Sitting up, bring the soles of your feet together and let your knees open and relax, if your hips are tight put pillows underneath your knees so your muscles can relax. Using your hands and elbows for support lie back onto the bed, your arms comfortably beside you with your palms facing the ceiling. Making sure the pillows are positioned, so there is no tension in your body and relax.

Lastly, legs up the wall:

You need to get in a position where you are lying on the bed with your bottom next to the headboard or wall and and your legs are up leaning against the wall. If the muscles in the back of your legs are tight then bring your bottom slightly away from the wall or elevate your hips with a cushion.

Stay in each position for as long as you wish, a few minutes in each is ideal. Make sure you are entirely comfortable and relaxed. This type of yoga is called Restorative and works by letting the body totally relax, and when the muscles are in this state, they gradually let go and bring increased flexibility and relief.

Now hopefully your body and mind are relaxed and you should drift off to a night of deliciously deep sleep. Try not to get caught up with TV or on your phone but give yourself this opportunity to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated - you deserve it! Good night and sweet dreams xxx

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