Week 2, Day 1: Write a Loving Letter

How many opportunities do you get to tell someone how much they mean to you? The answer is more than likely never enough, and the feeling you get from doing this is immeasurable. So, please take out a piece of paper and decide who it is going to be for. It can be anyone from your partner, neighbour, friend or family member, to anyone that has had a big impact on your life. Think about what they have done for you and how this has impacted your life.

Write it all down, putting your heart into it. Don’t worry about sounding overly sentimental, it’s rare we put all our emotion into something so it can feel quite unnatural at first! But if you allow your inhibitions to fade and really feel what you are writing this can be an incredibly emotive experience, you might even feel yourself welling up! This is good news because your feelings will come through your words to the recipient and make them feel amazing.

When you are happy with your letter, make an arrangement to see the person as soon as possible. Sit down with them and wait while they read it through. It may make you feel initially uncomfortable or awkward, it is not always easy to show emotion but wait for it, as the results will bring you an incredible feeling. If you really prefer, post your letter instead, anyone would love to get that piece of the post through the door amongst all the boring bills and junk!

You’ve just done something beautiful and kind and more than likely made that persons day or even year! This spreading of happiness is highly contagious and don’t be surprised if your special person continues the momentum by passing on the happy vibes - making the world a little bit better. You did that!

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