Week 2, Day 3: Wardrobe Sorted

Now that you've got a feel for clearing out from the kitchen sort out task, it's time to tackle your wardrobe. You might not feel like being inside today, but it takes a bit of effort to reap the rewards. Let's get shit done!

Get plenty of bags ready for items heading to charity or recycling and start by picking up the first item. Examine it, check for stains or holes, missing buttons or stuck zips. Think about how it makes you feel. A huge amount of our emotional state is based on how we present ourselves. Imagine how good you feel, putting on your favourite outfit. How it makes you walk taller, feel confident, and the day just all that much sweeter. You deserve to feel like that every day, so why put something on that doesn't quite cut it? If you feel guilty because you made a mistake purchasing it or someone gave it to you, that is no reason to keep it.

If it's worth something, take it to to a nearly new shop and get them to sell it for you - get some money back to find something that makes you feel fabulous! Items that don't currently fit you are tricky. Still, think about the item and imagine yourself wearing it. If you really can't bear to part with it box it up and check on it at the end of the programme. Don't worry - I'll remind you! Chances are you will have moved on and need to such items on their way, making room for more of what you love.

Go through absolutely every item, coats, dressing gowns, underwear, shoes, bags. Check the laundry basket, I even went through my jewellery box (and sold the stuff I didn't want for £85!) be ruthless and focus on what makes you feel good. Clear out your chest of drawers, trunks, under the bed and wherever else you keep your clothes. Don't ask other peoples opinions, this is about you and what makes you shine - other people will always have different opinions and sometimes quite bizarrely can be scared of you changing, you don't have to listen or feel bad. This is for you!

Now here's the critical bit…. Please take all the stuff and get rid of it now! Take it to charity, a clothes bank or sell it, but don't put it in the loft or the shed, make space and see how good that feels!

Now put everything away, do it with care and respect, after all these are your favourite items and you'll want to keep them in the best possible condition. Make it look nice, so you smile when you open your wardrobe or drawers, Pinterest has a wealth of ideas on this!

Remember to do your daily diary and sleep time yoga positions tonight…… And have a fabulous day!

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