Week 3, Day 2: Kill 'em with Kindness

It is going to be one of those exceptional days today, I can feel it, and the good news is today's task is just about a bit of research and planning! So It's an excellent opportunity to see if you can add a couple of items to your list of dreams and enjoy the daily diary entries and yoga positions too. Wishing you an inspiring day! X

You may well have heard of this, seen films about it or watched Youtube videos on the subject but you have also completed two tasks spreading kindness: the loving letter and reaching out to a neighbour. Completing a totally selfless act, with the simple motivation of helping someone else is something that you can do every day - and probably do more often than you are even aware of. Holding a door for someone, making a point of checking in with a friend going through a hard time or donating old clothes to charity all make a difference to the world and if you start looking for other ways to take it further, you will soon find ways you can help. Today's task is this: think about things that you can do, that you can easily fit into your life and find a date or time to book them in. If you lack in inspiration, Pinterest and Google can help you out. Get your children, family or friends involved and turn it into a happy, enjoyable, memory building experience.

Some of the acts my children and I have enjoyed are: giving dog food to homeless people with dogs, sending cards and drawings to residents of a retirement home (this was easy as I used to work in one), giving out packets of love hearts at the train station, giving lifts to people who have run out of petrol - this one happened more than you would think! Making a lemonade stand for people walking past our door and donating toys to charity.

Spread the kindness and feel the love.

So tonight, when you are writing your daily entries, remember to add a goal of your own…. Sleep well and dream big xxx

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