Week 3, Day 4: Bedding and Bathroom.

Here's hoping you had a restful nights sleep... Today's task is two-fold: Organise your bedding and then your bathroom. If you don't have time to complete the task today, feel free to finish it over the weekend but if not…. Get it all done now!

This might seem like a pointless task, but changing the bedding can feel like a massive chore and anything you can do to make it easier is worth doing. Go to your laundry cupboard and get everything out. Start by putting all the too stained or worn out items in a bag. You won't use them and they are taking up space. Put the items into sets with a bottom sheet, duvet cover, and however many pillowcases you use. Then put each set into one of the pillowcases and back in the cupboard, from what is left over discard what you don't want. It is fine to keep a couple of spare bottom sheets and pillowcases for accidents, but how many times do you just change the duvet? Keep it organised and simple. Next time you need to change the sheets, you can take out the pillowcase and you are sorted! Keep the system going every time you do the laundry.

We are getting through the house one step at a time, organising, clearing and creating space for your home and mind. Even if you can't see the point, remember this is building new habits that will change the way you think and feel… Keep going xxxx

And then to the bathroom!

If you can, start this task 15 minutes before you can have a bath and get into bed.... If you are the one making the space feel good, you definitely deserve to be the first to enjoy it!

Time to clear the bathroom. Even the most organised of bathrooms can quickly descend into chaos with kids on the loose. Let's get it clear of clutter so a quick wipe can get it to spa-like serenity while the bath is running….

Firstly get a box and empty everything from the cupboards, shelves, around the sink, bath or shower, window sills and everywhere else that stuff is hoarded. With all the surfaces clear, you can give them a good wipe down. Before you put everything back, go through the bottles and work out what you need, wasting your space and coming between you and an organised bathroom. Please don't feel bad about getting rid of unused presents, donate them to charity or re-gift them. If you haven't used something in 6 months, you probably never will. Except for first aid equipment you can store in a nice box somewhere out of little hands reach. Keep all surfaces as clear as possible as this will make cleaning a breeze. If you don't have much storage, think about using an item of furniture such as a bedside cabinet to store towels and bottles. Once you have put everything away in an organised and easy to access way, get rid of the stuff you don't need and while you are running a bath, give the floor a quick going over.

Bringing greenery into the bathroom can clean the air, eliminate odours and bring in a fresh feel, but not all plants will thrive in such conditions. Bathrooms often have limited natural light and high humidity from all the hot water, so maybe try one of these suggestions:

Bamboo doesn't need much light to prosper and prefers indirect light. You can also grow it without any soil, but you will need to change the water every few weeks.

Ivy is another good one for bathrooms as it can grow in most conditions and can even remove faeces and mould from the air…. Yes I have read about what happens when you flush the toilet with the seat up! Ivy also looks great hanging from the ceiling so avoiding cluttering surfaces.

Lastly, a straight from the spa orchid will love your bathroom's high humidity as it is similar to its natural environment. Just avoid direct sunlight where it can scorch the leaves.

We already know about the benefits of aloe vera and spider plant from the bedroom. Both of these work just as well in the bathroom, especially as they eliminate odours negating the need for chemical air fresheners.

If you need any inspiration, head over to Pinterest, which has many ideas.

Now light your candle and slip into your bath….

Feel free to continue using our guided meditation if you feel the need or have a go by yourself…. Just feel the water, breathe in the aroma and feel your body relax with each exhale. You can do this, enjoy the peace, calm and clutter-free space.

When you are doing your diary entries later, maybe put on the list to buy a couple of plants for your bathroom…. And the bedroom if you haven't already?

Wishing you a most restful and rejuvenating sleep! xxx

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