Week 3, Day 5: Happy memories

Yippee! It's Friday again. Can you believe another week has passed? Another nice task for you today but before I get into it, I just wanted to say that it can be tough to have too many commitments and engagements on the weekends, so once in a while give yourself a break... Take it easy, have a pyjama day and enjoy pottering at home. That's not a task, just a suggestion ;-)

If you are anything like me, your phone will have a staggering amount of photos on it, but you rarely do anything with them. I love looking at old photo albums and family photos but we seem to have lost that habit with everything being online or on some device or another. So today's task is to go through your pictures and find some gems…. These don't have to be technically good photos, but remind you of a happy occasion, or captured a time when your children all got on, or simply make you smile!

If you don't have a printer, you can take your device to the nearest supermarket 'print your own' machine (these machines print out great prints straight from your phone, you can pick the size, just remember to edit the photo on your phone first), and while you're there pick up a couple of frames. Put them straight out on display and remind yourself to look at them every time you pass, remember the feeling of love and gratitude that moment brought you.

While you have these new images to hand, change your computer desktop background image to something that makes you happy too. Have a bit of a clear up and reorganise, empty your computer trash and make space to let your creativity flow. Go crazy and sort your phone too, remember how good it feels to have everything in its rightful place, clearing out what you don't need and create yourself some space.

Don't forget to do your daily diary entries and have a lush enjoyable weekend - See you Monday xxx.

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