Week 4, Day 1: Be Outside

Today's task is more about not doing something than having to do it! Just taking something that you probably do every day, and doing it a little bit differently. Taking your time and not trying to multitask, just enjoying the moment. Please read about it now and think about it later. Have a great day xxx

Today's task is to go somewhere green; a park, a hill or a wood. Just take a blanket and a bottle of water, to simply sit and notice what is going on around you. It doesn't matter if you take your children, your dog or just yourself but don't look at your phone, book or magazine, just spend 30 minutes sitting and absorbing the moment.

Look at how the grass grows, look at the trees, the branches, the leaves and how they move in the breeze. How the colours vary, the suns rays of light, and the shadows that fall. Insects, birds and little creatures find homes in the trees.

We know that being outside is good for us in providing our vitamin D requirement, but sunlight on your skin can also increase the brain's release of the hormone called Serotonin. The same one that is triggered when we are doing our nightly winning moment. Great for raising your mood and helping you feel calm and focused.

You may well find yourself outside fairly regularly but how often are you not thinking about ten different things, trying to get your children to do what they should be doing or checking your phone, writing messages and reading the news. Don't do anything, just sit and notice.

How often do your children urgently need to talk to you when you are on the phone, or cause chaos when you are paying for something? They feel your stress and they react to it. By sitting and not doing anything you are not only calming yourself down but also showing them that it is ok not to be doing anything, that sometimes we need a moment to pause and just look at the sunlight through the trees.

Make sure you are dressed appropriately ;-)

I hope by now a reminder for you to do your nightly diary entries is unnecessary but as we are on our last week, I want to make sure it's well ingrained! See you tomorrow you lovelies xxx`

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