Week 4, Day 2: Plan Your Dreams

Today I want you to go back to your list of dreams. The goals you wrote down in the first pages of your notebook. Well, today it is the day that we turn them into a plan. Firstly I'd like you to read through your list again. Some are achievable now but are always at the bottom of your to-do list - these you can book into your diary now. The right time might be next week, next month or even next year, but plan it in now. You have to realise just how vital fulfilling your dreams actually are. It is what gives us hope, satisfaction and meaning to our lives.

It is far too easy to let other people's' needs overtake our own, but when it comes to this, we just have to plan it for a little further in the future. If someone you loved had a dream, wouldn't you do whatever you can to make it happen? Your loved-ones feel the same about you, and your children need to see you reaching and working towards your goals…. Don't you want them always to do the same? Feel that their wishes and hopes are just as important as those around them? Lead by example and make it happen.

Next are your life goals; these are the ones it is harder to write down. Big beautiful, life-changing dreams that make your heartbeat a little faster. You might not have even had the courage to write them down, sometimes the thought of admitting them and then being disappointed is too much to bear. Well, today is the day to be strong as we are going to look at them anyway.

You might find that some of your dreams can only happen if others are in place first. If you want to travel; you need the money and a flexible job (or have retired) etc…. So find the route goal, which, if happens, everything else can fall into place.

#1: Write it down on a nice big piece of paper, make it very clear precisely what it is.

#2: Come up with ideas about how you are going to get there, think creatively, go nuts, dream, imagine and cover that piece of paper with possibilities

#3: Pick one of your ideas that you believe will get you on the right road to making your dream come true. Something that stretches you but is ultimately achievable.

#4: Set a realistic date that you want to have completed that goal by. Put it everywhere, on your calendar, diary, phone... and book in time for yourself to work on it too!

#5: Talk about it! Tell people, your friends, family, neighbours…. People love hearing about a project, and you never know who might have the answer to a problem you've encountered. If you are faced with any negativity, just realise that they might be stuck, and are probably sitting on a dream of their own. Don't let it derail you…. Send them a link to this programme ;-)

#6: Once you have completed your first step, or even if you discover you are going in the wrong direction, take the next step and plan your next move. Book it in and get to work. There is no failing, no wasting time. You are learning and moving forward, and that, you fantastic being, is inspirational!

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