Week 4, Day 3: Making an Entrance

Walking into your home and having the entrance look a mess can make you want to turn around, leave again, or put you in a worse mood. Sadly it is also the hardest to keep tidy, especially if other household members don't share your desire for an organised and stress-free environment. It is somewhere that will need a regular tidy, but we can make that task quicker and easier.

First of all, go through all the coats and work out which NEED to be there. Any that don't fit aren't liked or damaged beyond repair; donate now! Anything that is needed but only needed on special occasions try to find somewhere else to store. The same goes for shoes…. seriously, are you really going to get those fixed or is it another thing that has been on your to-do list for so long that it makes you feel guilty every time you see it? Decide what you would prefer…. fix it tomorrow or let it go and never have to worry about it again! Look at what is left and go through each item… Is it imperative that it is there, can you find somewhere else for it or can you let it go?

Once the space is completely clear, give it a good clean and think about storing things in the best way? Would some new hooks or a shoe rack help? What is the best way of keeping things moving seamlessly in the mornings? Imagine your routine, and what little thing would make everything so much easier and have you leaving the house in a great mood?

When you put back your select best items, enjoy putting them in their correct place, think about how nice it will be when you leave the house without the stress and return to a welcoming home. Double-check that you do need everything you have kept remember that items attract friends. While a nicely placed bowl or plant will make you feel good, you might be not so appreciative when you back has turned, and they have invited their friends for a party, and suddenly the clutter has returned!

Well done on another step closer towards your organised home!

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