Week 4, Day 5: Family Dinner

Do you realise what today is? It is the last Friday of our programme together. My greatest hope is that at the very least you feel just a little happier, more contented, less stressed and in control. Of course, I am a dreamer, and I imagine you all achieving greatness and now have your plans to reach your goals.

After giving you your task I usually say that I will see you Monday but as this is the last weekend, there will be an additional email, not the usual task, more of a recap really. I won’t say goodbye either as I hope you will join us on our ongoing movement, and continue working with us to find your best life!

Anyway, back to the task in hand:

Dinner and a chat

This task is all about making dinner, sorting and clearing your dining room and having a chat with your little-ones, of course, depending on the age of them, this can be fairly one sided! But the idea is to put something in the oven (with help from the kids, the more they can do the better) and while it is cooking, have a good old declutter of your dining room. As you work at getting rid of stuff that you don’t need, items that keep ending up on the dining table and need to be let go…. talk to your children about this programme, ask if they have noticed a difference, what they liked or didn’t and how they feel about making some space in their own rooms.

Encourage them to lay the table nicely, bringing out plates, cutlery, what goes where. Water glasses, napkins and even an arrangement from the garden or colour in some placemats. Take your time to make the table look welcoming and lovely and light some candles or tea lights to bring a warm and cosy feel. Share with your family the feeling of taking time and pride in doing something you all can appreciate and then sit down to eat. Your family might never notice the millions of jobs you do for them every day, but this is one that they will. You never know, they might start noticing and helping out more in the future.

Have a lovely evening, enjoy your beautiful family and I’ll drop you a line over the weekend….. ‘Cause it’s the last time: Remember your daily diary entries!!! Love ya! xxx

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