Hello!  If you are thinking about ways to connect with your people, be it your team or customers, you have come to the right place.  

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We are not going to attempt to sell you something you do not want, and that is not going to help your business.  We want to build long term relationships with companies that share our ethos and we believe we can benefit.

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Times are changing in business and customers want to feel connected to the brands they invest in.  Sending a box to one of your valued customers will help them see that they are more than just an order number to you and help to form a long term emotional connection with your company/brand. 


Studies have shown that customers who are emotionally connected to a company will:


  • Feel loyalty to your business

  • Be ambassadors for your brand on social media 

  • Return to you over your competition

  • Spend up to 300% more with your company over the lifetime of your relationship


Our boxes are the ideal way for you to show your appreciation. 


Each of our perfectly packaged boxes is environmentally friendly and contains treats to inspire relaxation and joy. 

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